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Jamie and Jon, Temple Beth Emet Wedding

I thought I would share some highlights from a wonderful wedding with Jamie and Jon earlier this year.  This was our first time capturing a Temple Beth Emet wedding and it was a lot of fun.  These two are members of the unofficial DSP fan club.  Over the last couple of years we have shot a few weddings of her friends.  At each wedding (after a few drinks) I hear my name shouted out in the distance.  It goes something like “David Sutta! Wooooo!”  At one wedding I ended up in the photo booth mugging for the camera with them.  The photos strips… won’t be posted online!  Like I said…. fun group!

Temple Beth Emet Wedding-101 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-100 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-102

Something you will notice in these photos is our photo journalism approach.  We do get some gorgeous traditional stuff… but we also break away for something different.

Temple Beth Emet Wedding-103

Temple Beth Emet Wedding-104

Temple Beth Emet Wedding-106 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-107 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-108 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-109 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-110

I really want to tip our hat to Dalsimer Atlas Floral and Event Decorators.  The design they did was really impressive.  Not only that, there whole team was top notch.  We’ve watched them over the years and without a doubt we can say they are a go to decorator in South Florida.

Temple Beth Emet Wedding-111 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-112

I remember the first time I met with Jamie she was concerned about her photos being very limited.  The wedding was at night and inside.  I told her one of the most important parts of photography is light.  A photographer who has experience controlling light makes all the difference.  A lot of photographers can shoot during the day.  What separates the men from the boys & women from the girls, is those who master flash and night light.

Temple Beth Emet Wedding -113 Temple Beth Emet Wedding -114 Temple Beth Emet Wedding 115 Temple Beth Emet Wedding -116 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-117

I’m looking forward to designing Jamie and Jon’s wedding album.  There are so many great shots (many we didn’t post here).

Temple Beth Emet Wedding -118 Temple Beth Emet Wedding-119

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