Video Services

Professional Video Production
Today, more than ever, video is helping you reach your target audience. From Facebook feeds to viral Youtube videos, great content is going further. DSP has the experience to create your video and make sure it is well produced. With 17 Emmy’s (and counting), we know how to tell your story. We will help you first by consulting on concepts, then executing production, and finally weaving your perfectly crafted story. The process is seamless as everything from pre to post production is done in house.
Raw Services
Many out of town businesses we serve need elements such as interviews or broll provided for projects. Instead of incurring travel, production, and logistics costs, we take care of everything. Our team can scout locations, setup ahead of your interview, provide a teleprompter if needed, and then overnight/upload raw video to you. We specialize in last minute requests.
Sizzle Reels
Want to create buzz about your event or company? Get a sizzle reel. We capture your event or company in cinematic style. Then with your input we produce a high energy recap video that inspires your audience. Our sizzle reels include soundbites from the event making it much more powerful than a music video. Clients often use our well produced reels for social media, their website, and as an introduction at meetings/conferences. A sizzle reel is also a great tool to stimulate sales and sponsorship for annual events.
Live Broadcast
We offer an innovative concept to help you make more impressions with your content. Rather than play back your video days or weeks after an event, why not stream it live? Concepts like Facebook Live or LiveStream are great opportunities for you to engage your target audience (both local and global).

Photography Services

Event Photography
From small company meetings to 15,000+ tech conferences, DSP can capture your moment. Our professional team has the experience to not only give you great images but a great experience. We deliver photos faster than anyone in the industry. For time sensitive events we even deliver images that same day. You can access and download your photos anytime instantly using our client site. There is a reason major brands like eMerge, Florida International University, Nasdaq, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, the University of Miami, and countless small businesses trust DSP to get it done.
Interactive Photography (photobooth)
Over the years we have pioneered innovative concepts to help you broaden your reach. Our photo booths not only offer branded prints but the ability for guests to text and email their images instantly. Guest can then instantly share images on social media, helping you get more impressions. Everything is customized to showcase your brand including the booth, the prints, even the messaging that accompanies photos that are text and/or emailed. You can easily generate call to actions for your audience to click a website, take a survey, or simply say thanks!
Headshots & Corporate Photography
Our photography team offers a broad range of services to help promote your business image. Past projects include billboard campaigns, network backdrops, executive head shots, hotel/real estate photos, and stock images for website branding. As part of our commitment to a best in class client experience we offer our head shot sessions on location. Our shoots always include post production touchup to make sure you look your best.
In 2016 DSP launched InstaPhoto, our innovate solution to step and repeat backdrops. We noticed a lot of people take photos at these branded backdrops. However the photos never seam to find their way to the people in the photos. With our InstaPhoto system photos taken by the photographer at the backdrop instantly appear on a nearby touchscreen. Guests can then text, email, even print that photo instantly. It is instant gratification for your guests. It is an amazing opportunity to further your brand by branding the backdrop, the photo, and then having guests share it on social media.

A few of our Clients

About DSP

David Sutta Photography was founded by David Sutta in 2007. The early concept for the company was simply a creative outlet. We offered portrait, wedding, and event photography. Our portfolio grew rapidly on the premise we should deliver not only great photos but a great experience. Over the years we expanded our services to include event and corporate clients. Today a majority of our work is serving companies throughout South Florida. DSP is family owned and operated by Amanda and David Sutta. We employ a number of talented artists who are committed to their craft.
I’m a South Florida native with family spread out across the area. A husband, father, and all around swell guy! Anyone who knows me, knows I take my work, not myself, seriously! I got my start with NBC6 in Miami in 2001. Given an amazing opportunity to tell stories I took it and never looked back. With 15+ years experience as a journalist I have been on the front lines of the biggest stories of our lifetime. From elections to hurricanes, healthcare to wars, I have covered it all. Over the years I have had the amazing opportunity to learn from the most talented people on the planet. In 2007 I won my first Emmy. A decade later I have 17 of them. Today I split my time running my company while still doing special projects for CBS Miami.

About David Sutta

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  • 7969 NW 2nd Street, #278, Miami, FL 33126

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If you have an unlimited download plan you can download any image you wish from anywhere in the world!
To download an image first select it it, then click on the download icon (arrow pointing down) on the lower right hand of the picture. Your download should start immediately.
To download more images simply repeat the aforementioned process. You can download the entire gallery via zip file by clicking the download icon at the top of the page (upper right, next to buy photos). You will be asked to enter in your email address. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with links to zip files of your photos.
Please keep in mind that galleries with a lot of images will take longer to download due to their size.
To order prints simply select the photo you desire and click “BUY”. A box will pop up allowing you to select that photo or the gallery. Select the photo and then click on the type of paper and size of the print. When you are done making your selection you can click “Close” to continue selecting prints or Checkout to complete your purchase. Once you have finished making all your selections click on the cart icon. It is located in the upper right corner of the page.
Photos are usually shipped directly to your door within 7 days depending on which shipping service you selected.
We provide you access 24/7 to your photos via our client website. You can access your photos at Photo storage is guaranteed for a minimum of one year after your event.
We deliver our videos in a variety of formats. We keep a copy for our records. Often we try to keep a copy on Vimeo as well. You can search our Vimeo site here: To download your video from Vimeo just click download (below the video). You will be given a variety of formats to meet your needs. If you cannot find your video please contact us for help.
DSP provides a fantastic App for our clients to download, carry, and share their images. What does your APP do? You can download your photos right to your phone and tablet. Once downloaded you can view photos without a connection to the internet Share your APP with anyone you want by simply sending them a link Post your photos to social media How do I install the APP? (FOR IPHONE AND IPAD)
  1. Go to the Apple App store and download the Smugmug App
  2. Open the App. Select Find People
  3. Enter “DavidSuttaPhotography” into the search box and select it.
  4. Find your photos. We sort all our shoots based on type, then date.
  5. Select a gallery you wish to view.
  6. The star (upper left) will add this gallery to your favorites, so you will have the gallery saved on the app homepage. You can do this for all your galleries.
  7. You can save the entire gallery to your device by swiping the “Available offline” button. By selecting this anytime you open the app, even without an internet connection, you will be able to view all your photos instantly. Due to the large size of some galleries we advise you to use WiFi when saving galleries.
  8. You can press the options button to send a message, email, save a specific photo, and post to social media.

FYI 1,000 photos consumes about 300mb on your device. Click here for Andriod devices to download the App from the Play Store.